Fractional Unit Information


At the Prospector, each condominium is subdivided into fifteen separate pieces of real estate defined as a “Fractional Estate”. The personal use of the each condominium is divided equally among the owners by using a Week Selection Chart. You own the same three weeks in the same suite each year. Best of all, Fractional Estate ownership requires only that you pay a fraction for property management, maintenance costs, taxes and all the included amenities!

Fractional ownership, or condominium co-ownership, allows multiple owners of a condominium design their own perfect vacation year after year after year! This Fractional Estate ownership gives you a General Warranty Deed, which allows you to own your Prospector interest for life. Travel the world by planning a unique and spectacular vacation each year, or just revisit Aspen with just one initial Fractional Estate purchase.

You may also choose to become an RCI member and “bank” any of your Prospector weeks in exchange for luxurious resorts around the globe! And you have the option of renting through the Prospector Management or direct.


*Check the "Available Units for Sale" link below.

•  Three-week purchase in same unit.
•  Quarterly association fee. $650.00

• Available Units for Sale

• Week # Calendar
• The Prospector Condominiums in Aspen, Colorado


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